Sant Ranjeet Singh's Father Baba Hardutta Sing had no issue alive after birth at Punjh Garian in Punjab. He was very sad. Once, Sat Baba Atar Singh belongs to mustuanan Sahib happened to setle a programme nearby. His father visited him and reported his grievances. After going through the whole episode he asked Sant's father, "When you cultivate any lanlord's land, what you have to pay?" Sir, quite simple U jave to share him. His fathr answered, "Yes, here lies the point?" said Sant Baba tar Singh and asked, "Are you ready to share the blessings of God?" He got ready to share.

After that Bibi Dhan Kaur gave birth three sons. All remained alive. The third issue was Sant Baba Ranjeet Singh. He was born on 23rd March 1960. He Grew up strong physique. He was very sharp mined and at primary and junior level gained many prize. Later on he joined army. He was very punctual and strict. The burden of sharing the blessings of god haunted his fathers mind continuosuly. How could his father keep his promise, but God is great. He changed Ranjeet Singh's mind towards spirituality. Eventually he resigned from Army service and begin to mediate. He visited and arranged Satsang at Sunderwal. It was his dream of Sant Ranjeet SIngh to open an academy for children between Sunderwal and Daudpur. He had to depart the world on December 7,2002.

Time rolled on & Sant Baba Balakar Singh took his place. Bibi Malkeet Kaur tried her best to fulfill her Guru's dream. She helped him to purchase the land in the name of Sant Ranjeet Singh Academy. His dream was realized in April 2008.

The Academy started on 1st may 2008. Sr. Gurmail Singh and Sr. Baljinder Singh has got Sant Ranjeet Singh Memorial Academy registered under Isser Singh Sikshan Sansthan Now the Isser Singh Sikshan Sansthan is running the academy.