Principal's Message

Welcome to “Sant Ranjeet Singh Memorial Academy”, Distt:- Lakhimpur Kheri. Your support has given S.R.S.M.Academy the stature it enjoys today. Parents, students and the school authorities are a team and complement each other's efforts. Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a lifelong process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one's life and make our students the future hope of the country. A student who is taught discipline will learn the power of self control. Freedom, to be truly effective, needs the guidance of discipline. .

It is only and consistent our collective efforts that from both sides can help your children achieve success. We made, to the best of our ability for selfless contribution towards the noble cause of establish and organize the institution for all round the growth and development of its children which give a new dimension to our beloved motherland. SANT RANJEET SINGH MEMORIAL ACADEMY is to contribute to our country's transformation towards development and progress through education, which can be consdered as a pillar for any development. Nothing will be more satisfying that to see our efforts becoming fruitfull, making us part of progress. SANT RANJEET SINGH MEMORIAL ACADEMY seeks to provide equal oppostunities in education to backward students, imparting knowledge throgh joined effors by backward students, imparting knowledge through joined effort by all school staff and management committee. At present situation our nation required true nationalist for the reformation and prosperity. So, we made ourselves to maintain the mission of this school is to empower all its studets to be problem solvers, users of technology, effective communicators and life long learners in a rapidly changing flobal community by provising chaleging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and co-operation and prepare them to be successful and happy in this highly competitive and challeging future global scenario.

Mr. Alok Kumar Mishra