Sant Ranjeet Singh Memorial Academy

CBSE Affiliation No : 2131783



Mission & Vision

Sant Ranjeet Singh Memorial Academy seeks to promote a learning environment to the students of the locality. Our aim is to provide the education to the students of rural and urban area in English medium so that they can develop their skills and can stand to compete on international level. S.R.S.M. Academy is committed to spread the light of education in the locality to make today’s young generation , future’s responsible citizens. Our academy develops creative skills and critical awareness in our students. S.R.S.M. Academy has been established with aim of providing quality education for the all round development of each of its student’s personalities and make them fit to serve society, our country India and the world community. S.R.S.M. Academy’s aim is to develop skills of creative abilities, logical and analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making in it’s students through academic instructions.

S.R.S.M. Academy lays emphasis on character building and developing national integration and international understanding by fostering the feeling of international brotherhood.

  • To provide secular education to students from all communities.
  • The school inculcates a sense of unity brotherhood and love for the country.
  • The school prepares students well so that they will easily adapt to the living and environmental conditions of the present and future society.
  • To provide congenial environment for students, all round personality development and character building.
  • The school emphasizes the qualities of simplicity, integrity, tolerance and cooperation in all aspects of life.
  • To inculcate amongst student a sense of pride for nationalism, community and love for universal brotherhood.
  • To provide latest in curricular frame work in field of education.
  • To provide value and result oriented education.
  • At the level of individual students the school will encourage each student to strive to achieve his/her best.
  • The school is dedicated to provide the highest possible levels of excellence in all aspects of education including academic, cultural and sporting.